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    Default gaming girl from POF

    So, finally after fails upon fails upon fails ive snagged me an awesome fish from POF. Shes a complete geek, who so happens to be an HB8...she's funny,a complete geek, really pretty with an awesome smile, whos not scared to show it...

    Well after a couple exchanges on POF, we finally exchanged numbers. Been texting her here and their throughout late last week till today...

    Something kind of bugged me though. I asked her out on POF for this upcoming weekend, and she agreed. But later, i confirmed for this weekend, and she said she was graduating this up coming weeked? On her POF file, it states she graduated already? Second was, i asked her if she was attenging this years comic con, and she said she was going this up-coming friday AND saturday...

    So something is up, but i didnt call her on her sh1t...I just ignored it and continued with a normal conversation; that as i write this is going i plan on freezing her out till tomorrow. Idk everything was going swimmingly well, till i guess i found her in a lie...

    It doesnt bother me, if she wanted to go to that event why didnt she just tell me that? i have a back up plan for this weekend, but idk peeps. Like i said this girl is smart,funny,a complete geek for games, and HOT. what do you guys think? im running out of sh1t to say to her? my text game has picked up, but we got stuck on talking about hot wings for the last 5-6 text...
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    Default Re: gaming girl from POF

    Basically with dating sites don't even think about them until you have met them in person.

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