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    Default Pua's please help!!!

    Okay, so here I go. I was in almost a four year relationship with a girl and we have a 2 year old son together. Long story short, she put me on a "break" to be with another guy so I canned her. I'm familiar with the game and how to play--that's how I met her. I'm no expert though and obviously I let my skills decline being in a relationship because some other guy stold my girl. I immediately applied lc vs. nc because we have a kid and that would be impossible. I've done no begging, pleading, or crying and we are going into nearly 3 weeks post break-up as of now. I have been picking up my son from her sisters house for all this time and haven't seen her or spoken to her on the phone once. Every text I send is business only and I've corrected her when she's tried to bring relationship issues up in texts. I can tell that she's starting to buckle a little. She tried to break the rules last week when I picked up my son by trying to see me. I wouldn't let her because I was still acting like a chump and didn't want her to catch me like that. I told her sister to call me when she left and I'd come back. I sent her a text today saying that I was feeling better about things and that she could drop my son off if she liked, as long as she could be an adult about things. She declined but said that we could begin trading him off this friday. I've got my game together enough to keep it light and playful when I see her next. I need help on a battleplan. Also, I haven't done anything to hurt her. No cheating, lying, or abuse. Do I still have a shot? I know that she misses me. If this were any other women, I would let go and move on but this is the mother of my child and I love her. Advice?

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    Default Re: Pua's please help!!!

    damn man, difficult situation. being childless and single for the last 3 years theres not much help i can offer, except to say; pick up and read Vin DiCarlo's Pandora's Box. Once you understand the type of woman you are dealing with (this is done by reading personality traits), you will understand how to keep a woman, no matter what type history you've had. Ive been using this program for the last year and can not tell you how much it has changed my outlook on women, and understanding not only how to get them, but maintain total devotion.

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