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    Default Opening Working Girls at a Gala Night?

    Hi guys,
    I need some advice on these two situations. The setting was the same. Girls are different.

    1/ Together with some colleagues, I was attending a gala dinner for work yesterday. In front of the big roon was a bar where guests could buy a drink. Behind that bar was a beautiful young waitress. She was a 9, had long curly blond hair. Really cute. Walking back and forth in the room, we made eye contact a few times and I smiled a lot. He returned a weak smile and kept eye contact. She was really busy at that bar, having only a few seconds to talk with people before the next order came in. What's more, I was not the only guy to notice her so the bar was flocked with AFC's (like me) to chat with her. What's the best way to act at that time to secure her number?

    2/ One of the girls serving our food was another cute one. Totally different type than Blond Bar Girl but a very nice 8 with long brown hairs. Rather the shy type. I catched her eyes a few time and when I walked over to the washroom, I met her in the hallway carying plates full of food and said Hi. It seemed impossible to chat with her later that evening.

    So, any advice how to chat up girl that are working really hard at these kind of events?


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    Default Re: Opening Working Girls at a Gala Night?

    Hey Irvoice,

    I'd introduce myself, maybe talk a little bit if she's not too busy, but definitely invite her for drinks or late night eats somewhere nearby after she's off shift. If she declines, then see if she's open for meeting another night or for giving you her contact info.

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