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    Default how to extend conversation?

    I can usually start a conversation with a girl with circumstantial stuff such as: on campus I might ask "do you know where XXXX rez building is?" and may include "could you show me, I'm bad with directions" or when waiting for the bus today I saw this girl move toward the same bus I was going to as it approached the station but the bus didn't stop so I asked "do you know why the x didn't stop?" but then didn't really know what to say. Can anyone give me advice on things to say to keep a conversation going after (somewhat) opening/starting a conversation with a girl? Btw I'm 19 so most girls I target are 18-20, if that helps. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    Default Re: how to extend conversation?

    You could always notice something about her style and comment which is easy and direct. A good backup is a scripted opinion opener which is a much stronger than a functional opener. On the scale is functional opener(low risk/low reward) which is what you have been using, and a direct opener(high risk/high reward). An opinion opener is in the middle since it is pretty neutral. And noticing something about her is more on the low risk side and that is considered a situational opener. Transitioning is an art that comes with practice. The basic technique is when she responds to your opener, pick something that you know you can branch off with and try to avoid "yes or no" questions.

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