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    Default How to confront a Bi*ch Shield

    I run my numbers and I have 0% success when it comes to bring down bitch shields. I do not have problems with my looks or my dressing style but still HB8 that put up the bitch shield bring my game down and I do not know how to break through it... What do you guy do when you face this?


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    Default Re: How to confront a Bi*ch Shield

    The main thing I try to focus on is "frame control." If you aren't that familiar with the concept, frame control is like two people looking at a sunset on the beach. Except one person has orange sunglasses while the other has purple. Frame control is about giving the other person what kind of shades you want them to have and have them accept your frame. The strongest frame always wins. So in a nutshell you want to make the frame that YOU are the prize that SHE is trying to win. The simplest way to do this is to interpret EVERYTHING she does or says as her trying to pick YOU up. Make this into a humorous thing and try not to be reaction seeking when accusing her of hitting on you. Quickly change the topic after you say some of the following examples:
    "Your first impression sucked."
    "Are you always like this with people cooler than you."
    "I eat girls like you for breakfast"
    "Is this how you get guys to get into bed with you? Because I'm not buying it."

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