There is major development going on down a road I take a few times a week. There are about 5-6 signage girls conducting traffic. "STOP" "SLOW". One of them is a total babe. I have seen her a few times. However today she really caught my eye.

My question is, how can I engage contact while I am driving and she is working? It is one thing if I happen to be the vehicle that gets stopped by her and I can try to start a convo, however, she is working and I don't want to drive by all day waiting to be the vehicle she stops, cuz I will look like a stalker, and even if she does stop me, she may turn the other way to direct another vehicle.

I might try diving by when traffic is not so heavy, during the day, and see if she is just chilling. But Am I supposed to pull over someplace and walk up to her? I guess I could use the "I seen you and had to come over and say HI, because if I didn't I would be kicking myself later" line.

But this girl scares me, as in she is totally my type and the whole environment with her working and such.

What I could do, is wait for a slow part of the day, park my vehicle up a bit, and walk down the road as if I am just walking someplace and try to strike up a convo.

Any suggestions on this one?