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    Default hb8 and hb9 holding my hand but...

    so im new at this still. i have been using direct approach mainly. i was in montreal (i live in nj) to see the formual 1 races. anyway while i was there i approached about 30 sets in one night. mainly girls by themselves, but about 5 sets of two, girls only because i havent learned how to amog yet. here was my opening line.

    "my name is pete, im from the united states, im leaving tomorrow morning to go back to nj 8 hours away. (this was true) im looking for a girlfriend for the night. i want you to be that girl."

    and then i pushed them jokingly and said

    "its the opportunity of a lifetime cuz I am so awesome. Here are my stats (all made up of course). I can lift cars with my bare hands, so while im kissing you, youll be safe in my strong arms, and im a lawyer who makes 300k a year, i play 12 sports, im the smartest person in the country, and supreme ruler of earth. "

    usually the girls would be giggling at this point. then i would say "your friends will never find out or your boyfriend cuz im leaving tomorrow, itll be so much fun, lets go!" *reaching out my hand*

    i used this on two friends at the same time and said they could both be my gf and it worked! I had them both holding my hand as we walked down the street into an extremely populated area of our peers.

    as i continued to talk to them, being dominant in the convo and trying to be interesting the hb9 lets go of my hand and then about 20 seconds later hb8 lets go as well. I have no experience dealing with 2 girls at once plus im still pretty new to PUA. Then one of them had to go to the bathroom and the other followed (blow out). i told the girls after waiting for about 20 seconds i had to go and I did. They were still in line for the bathroom so thats how I was able to do that.

    When the girls let go of my hands I kept talking how I always did, wasnt sure if I was suppose to IOD and I couldnt even think of a good one that would work with both girls at once. What should I have done?

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    Default Re: hb8 and hb9 holding my hand but...

    There was probably a lot of things you could've done differently. However you are still new and the edge you have is your boldness to do that in the first place so you are on the right track. What is it that you have been reading lately to help your game?

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