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    Default This girl screwing with my mind or what?

    Hey guys so id say a few months back my mom came up to me and told me she met a lady at my moms business. The lady was telling my mom while shopping that she was trying to find a decent guy for her daughter to date. So like what all moms do my mom mentioned me. When i got home my mom told me to email this girl on fb becase she was expecting me to. So i decided what the hell sure. So i emailed her the typical hey whats up and why i was emailing her. 3 weeks later i heard back from her. She was stating how she was really busy and that she didnt get a chance to get back to me. I said no biggie want to exchange numbers? She said sure and i started texting her. I asked her few days later if she would like to meet up so we can meet she said sure she will get back to me tomorrow. Tomorrow comes dont hear from her. 2 weeks later, i get a text from her saying hey havent heard from you hope all is well xoxoxo. So was like wtf so i started texting her again. Asked her she was down for drinks and dinner the next night. she said sure let me get back to you with my schedule because of work. Next day comes, dont hear from her till 11pm she said she was stuck at work till late and she had a headache. I asked her what time she got out and she said 6pm... So whatever i ran into her at the bar by accident and introduced myself. We spoke etc. Then she kept staring me down. I delted her on fb and her number because i was tired of scrweing around. 3 months past and i get a friend request from her...... I said hey whats up. She says hey n2m u know blah blah blah. I said i got a new number here is. never got a text from her. Wtf am i suppose to do is this girl just nuts or what? The mom came in last week to my moms business and saw me walking past. The mom said is that your son? She said yes. The mom said wow he is really good looking idk whats wrong with my daughter. "Mind you her ex was a nobody and i have a great career and my life is in order and im 23. So what should i do? My friend knows her and saw her at the bar and asked her if she knew me? She said yes i was really cute. But i feel like this girl is either hard to get or an untouchable. How do i email her so she either responds or i can get her number? What should i do? Please help.


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    Default Re: This girl screwing with my mind or what?

    She's a crackhead.

    Ignore her and find a girl that treats you with respect.


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    Default Re: This girl screwing with my mind or what?

    Seems like she is playing her own head games. Maybe a womans PUA course lol. Her patterns of behavior are too erratic and trying to figure out her pattern will only get you more involved than you need to be. Honestly if she responds to being ignored, then keep doing that and not try to meet up or anything. Meet other women especially ones that are a bit more stable. I know you may get the feeling of that she is a challenge and want to "conquer" her, but some challenges are just not meant to be taken up. You're energy would be greatly wasted on her. It's her loss that she is being this way. Maybe one day she will grow up.

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