Hi guys, been lurking for a while but first time poster.

2 weeks ago, I was out at this club with some friends and I start dancing with this girl. We had a great time, eventually did some brief dance floor making out, and went back to my place. We kept hooking up, but I had been drinking virtually all day so that ended up being a no go. Kept hooking up for a while after that, walked her downstairs, and we exchanged numbers.

Weren't able to see each other for about a week due to scheduling conflicts/me being out of town. Took her out to dinner this Tuesday, had a great time. We were at dinner for about 3 hours, then had a drink at this bar nearby where we both live that lasted for a while too. She had work the next day so she didn't come back (dinner/the bar were very close to where both of us live and looking back I think I might've missed a fairly obvious hint she wanted to go back with me instead of going to the bar, but whatever). Still, very extensive goodnight kiss.

Last night she texts me, and we end up meeting up at the same club we originally met at. Go home fairly early, and we hook up again and have sex. We had sex twice and each time I didn't last that long. We cuddled for a little while and then she left to go home. Texted her to make sure she got home OK and it seemed fine.

Sorry if this is kind of a dumb question (and sorry for making this on the long side), but I don't have a ton of experience with girls beyond a 2+ year relationship I got out of a few months back, and I was wondering if I should say anything the next time I see her in terms of apologizing/explaining or something, or if that would cause more trouble than it would fix. If not, should I do anything else outside of the norm?