I've been talking to this girl, on and off for maybe a month. She knew I was seeing someone when we met up, around 3 times total, the other times were just at school for like 5-10 minutes. We'd flirt, and I did kino whenever we met. She also said what I'd consider IOI "I wouldn't act on my feelings for a guy if he were in a relationship" and our conversation is smooth most times.

I framed our meets as hangouts most times so she'd be more relaxed, not feel guilty and I stopped seeing the other girl like 2 weeks ago. So on our meet yesterday she was feeling bad going out with me, but still went saying how the girl i was seeing had nothing to be jealous of. So we went out, had alot of fun ice skating (lots of kino there, holding hands etc.), went to a park, and I told her we were done etc. and she was like great and cool about it.

She did initiate after that as well in text and wanted to meet at school( only like 10 mins but guess its ok) so an IOI but I might have framed it so I thought of her as a friend although I always flirt, do kino on her. She kept saying "nothing for her to be jealous of, were just friends" in reference to the other girl and doesn't give me much IOIs except ones above. BOdy language and eye contact is hard to read on her, but it was more positive this time. I really feel like i'm dangerously closed to being Just Friends with her, but I'd like a relationship with her, very down to earth, not hot but cute. I feel like I should escalate now that she's more comfortable because I'm not with anyone anymore. Advice please!