My Rural Town sucks for women. Tonight was dead completely. I decided to sarge an acquaintance of mine that is a hb 7 cougar that bounces at a local bar. I have been studying Kezia Nobles 10 step hook and moving on to Deep Connection DVDs and also Studying Rikers Tech Manual and Conversation course.

Good stuff

So I have really gotten 10 step down and I find myself conversating with women more and getting them to open up. I used to be good but, I would get frustratingly stuck alot of times. Well Kezia has open up a new world and I am very impressed by her stuff so far.

I also have tooken a sep backward to being that guy that gets in the waning zone where things heat off. I am new to this and getting to learn, BUT I FINALLY HAVE SOMETHING I CAN RUN SWINGGCAT SEX CONNECTIONS AND SPEED SEDUCTION AND EVERYTHING ELSE OFF OF !!!!

I feel for the first time I can finally have the tools that are the foundation, and not just all this accelerator, advanced stuff like SS and all this other stuff. I got an honest womans advice that works. Kezia deserves an award.

Any way we are talking and opening up to sexual frames. I lag getting in and then she darts off. She isnt too much in the young girls mind where she sees me sitting there , well I wasn't waiting for her but It was the only TV with Boxing and Basketball highlights. so I had to stay there. I find that this it is Universal that a woman does take a mans time for granted, but in this occasion I have done this in the past and she still dug me.

As for sitting there talking, trying to smooth back into the right frame, I get this AFC Amog acting to leave and then talking to her, some chump cowboy, read a few game books and routines, he was turning into a dancing monkey. I wanted to sit back down and out amog him, but didnt know how to do it without coming off afc. I left my drink with her and said "hold this" and went outside for a minute. I decided to leave, as I walked outside I noticed a puppy dog look on her face. But I just saw me being needy, so I left on the whim of her thinking she missed out.

What could I have done differently. ? there werent any more girls to sarge that night.

Im not needy nor oneitis, i am just excited about being in a somewhat challenging situation...