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    Default started direct daygame 30 approaches... 7 questions

    beginning part shows my results from my first approaches and the bottom half actually has my questions

    I finally sacked up the balls to go direct in malls and campuses. I'm 22 still in college. sounds cliche but I would give myself 7 on looks because I keep myself in shape but am only 5"8' so im not overly advantaged when it comes to looks.

    Out of (going to ballpark it) 30 approaches i made. Heres my stats

    A: None of them were AWFUL
    B: 2 of them were akward and i guess would consider blowouts though
    C: the rest of them had good flattered responses
    D: I ran into the "I have a boyfriend" "I'm married" half or more of the times
    E: 7 numbers, 3 responses, 1 response intently with good chance of day 2
    F: Most of them were moving sets going torwards or away from me. some i did seated.

    so questions I have after doing these approaches

    1. when you go direct on a seated girl. when do you sit? I know you're supposed to do it while your talking but. do you stand for a little bit to be polite and then sit down while you go into a transition from the opener? (I think thats best)

    2. for girls that are very hot. I saw an hb 9 blonde that was taller than me. kinda assumed i was going to get blown out (which was true). went in when she was talking to a kiosk lady went direct. she said thank you and smiled but kind of akwardly and walked off. I think i put too much enthusiasm into the opener though for once haha. How do you alter your game for girls that are exceptionally hot or do you go indirect?

    3. how often do girls lie about "i have a boyfriend" and is it worth trying to break the barrier or should i just make it a luck of the draw numbers game and next? GRRR i fucking hate boyfriends it pissed me off how girls settle for such garbage sometimes when i actually see who they are with.

    4. when you number close how do you formulate the question to reduce flaking. I understand you need to qualify in order to reduce flakyness but I'm just talking about when you actually go for the number.

    5. when you deliver the direct opener. how do you like to say it. Mostly i've used indirect to direct transition.
    "Hi do you know where the x is" (gets her to stop in a non threatening way)
    " actually I just wanted to talk to you because i thought you were really cute"
    what energy level or variations would get a better response?

    6. when I approach from behind i like to go a little bit ahead of her then look at her. sometimes though it takes a little time esspecialy if shes a fast walker. do i literally just run up to her or is that weird?

    7. say a girl spots you looking at her from aways away. do you just straight arrow it for her at that point?

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    Default Re: started direct daygame 30 approaches... 7 questions

    1. I wait for a minor hook point or IOI, then grab a chair to sit down (I like to flip the chair around and sit on it backwards like a cool kid. Girls always laugh at that.)

    2. Did you interrupt her conversation? If you did, don't do that. You're going to have to push harder than just an opener for a HB9 (typically.)

    3. You and I both are at that age when we need to start ring checking. Look for that solitaire or three stone before going in, especially if there's a band soldered to it. And it's your own morality. If you're okay with boyfriend destroying, then go ahead; if not, don't.

    4. You've already gone direct, might as well go direct in killing the flake. "You aren't a flake are you? That'd be disappointing." <--That's a straight no sh*t qualifier. You're basically saying she's a disappointment if she flakes.

    5. Always go in with a positively charged state. Smile and radiate awesomeness. When I don't want to think about how I open, it goes something like this: "Hi. You're cute. I'm Cody."

    6. "Do you always walk this fast to avoid being hit on? It almost worked. Almost " That could be your safety net for literally running.

    7. I would B-line for sure lol. Just make sure you don't come straight on. Always at an angle. 45 degrees works wonders.
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