I need help with a Kclose. I've gone out with her a few times, she flaked on me once but said she was sorry the next time I talked to her and that she wanted to make it up to me by going out with me that day. She shows obvious signs of interest asking about girls that are interested in me, even getting jealous. When ever I talk about other girls she usually brings up guys she's talking to. She kino's me on her own.
She showed me naked pics of herself, she told me that she talks to my mom about me, and I found a pictures on her phone of parts of our convo.
Sticking points--I was saying goodnight to her after a date, steering to setting up a Kclose and she said she was tired and left. Ive even tried a Mystery gambit on her and she got nervous and avoided eye contact. I thought it was just her being shy but she mentioned lip kissing a guy (she asked what I did one night we didnt hangout and I mentioned another girl) and she made a point that she kissed him and she had just met him that night. Any thoughts?
Second sticking point--we had a date setup today and she texted me last nite confirming it saying she would text me when she got back in town. She never texted me and I did not text her, later she texted me without being prompted that she went out with her family for fathersday. Thoughts?