hi, this girl works in a shop and works on seperate days as guys in there.

she;s being there a while and i still havn;t got her number.

guys that work there seem to have it in for me all of a sudden. they know i like her because i was in there one day and one of them started indicating that that they knew and were laughing.

i seen one of them hitting on her think he got turned down before that. went there lately she just looked a bit annoyed not the same at all usually big hi and hows things and plays with her hair.

bit worried because they could have said some thing to her about me as they did actually look pissed. is it possible to turn things around?

i really am confused. i passed one day when she was working and didn;t go in anxiety got in the way. unless that done it? p.s. new to pua and havn;t practiced very much just a little so far with openers an negs.