Met a HB7 in a club in notts, number closed, and flirted through text gaming etc for a good 3 weeks. Think we hit Comfort phase. all the sexual innuendo etc all via text. She lives far away from me. Would make a relationship difficult but was having alot of fun. Few weeks ago we luckily were in the same city clubbing, met her mates etc and she met mine. She was quite on it until then. Something switched during the session couldn't get her alone for a minute with her friends being around, then something happened with her mates and she had to go. (Was tipsy things are lil blurry). She was thinking on a total relationship level talking to my friends saying she was not sure we're each others type etc. Friends say she seemed quite into me tho. After that unexpectedly bumped into her at shopping mall before leaving the city, she was with her friends and said a quick bye while she went to eat etc. After that had no communication from her. Thought I'd leave it to not look needy. 2weeks passed so sent the message...

"I forgot, r we fighting... and most importantly am I winning?"

HB7 Response: Lol no not fighting
HB7 Response: ive just recently started seeing someone thats y i havent been in touch.

How can I respond to that and still look good or keep things alive/interesting?

Was thinking
Text: "I Understand, 2 Boyfriends would be too much for you "

Any ideas/better responses?