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    Question Can i fix this? or is it too late. (gaming a girl who never had a BF)

    So i met this girl (HB8, but i think she thinks that she is a 10) hosting a class on my profession.
    I got her number and we started texting, couple days in a row.
    2 days later, Spoke on phone for about 1hr before she went to bed.
    (i know texting and phone calls are not great sources of attraction)
    Tried to get her out but apparently she never had a bf before. So she hesitated on a date.
    I ignore her for a day or so and texted her the next day.
    Noticed how she is trying to maintain some distance with me.
    I sort of showed her that im interested and she responded flirty as first but slowly lost her interest. (in responding to my text)
    My question is can i still fix this game? or is it too late since she stated that i am just "an interesting friend" to her (sounded like a friendship zone statement to me)
    I really dont know how to play text games but i can't get her to come out with me, not even in a group.
    How do i install DHVs in our future texting convo and proceed BHRR?
    Should i just not text or call her anymore and move on?
    ill add more specific details if requested, thx!
    Need help from pros!

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    Default Re: Can i fix this? or is it too late. (gaming a girl who never had a BF)

    The easy answer is to cut your losses and move on. But then what would you have learned? And you may be even able to turn it around. I think the ones that you feel you are losing or lost are the perfect ones to try new material on since you have nothing else to lose.

    There are texting techniques in this forum, but I also want to mention some things to keep in mind while texting.

    - Interpret everything she says that she is hitting on you

    -Put her on a mini-emotional roller coaster. Roleplay and tell her you are married then divorced.

    - You don't always have to say the most creative thing to keep her interested. If she says something that you don't really like just say "Ok". She may sense that you didn't like what she said and will try to salvage it.

    -Coming across as interesting is showing that you are interested. So feel free to ask her personal questions to get to know her. Just be aware of the convo turning into an interview.

    Hope this helps and good luck.

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