I live in Far Nor Cal at the moment, I live in Redding,CA, Forget this place, very lame to meet women here. HB 1 to 6 evrywhere. THere are some 7,8s and 9 but very uncommon. They are tide down and married immediately, or Psycho. If there are any hotties, they are young and moving away. Get them as soon as possible. Most hoties are Hard to access. Lots of Bullsh1t Christian Cults here that make people here Crazy. Theres a Farm town near by called Andersen small though but better selection overall, but everything is spread out and gas is a bitch. To get to the other side of town atleast costs, $5 a ride just in gas.

Chico, is good, but hard to live there, economy is bad. Lot of hot women to fark around with especially with the college. I dont get to go there much though, 2 hours away.

Sacramento, is the land of 3s and 4s. Awful, unless you go to the Arden side where people have more money, there are more attractive women there. There you can find 9s and 10s. You really have to look. But for the most part women there are funky looking.

Bay Area, by far the best, forget oakland and San Francsico unless you are in the Latino district. There all skinny and funky as well. East Bay, Antioch and Brentwood. Brentwood ( NorCAL, not SoCal) has by far has some of the best looking women on the planet. 8s, 9s, and 10s. Even the Grandmothers are doable. Oakley trails a little behind and Antioch ins behind oakley, but Antioch Women can be very unstable. MArtinez is great as well, and when you get into the MArtinez,Concord area, especially Clayton. THere some some FIne women and sargable. When I was in high school I said to hell with my own school, I went to these places to sarge and it was worth the effort, believe me.

But by far the est place for sarging ad beautiful women is BLACKHAWK AREA. Blackhawk is what Beverly hills is to LA, Blackhawk is to us. This is by far some of the most beautiful women in the world here. Kim Kardashian coudnt stand out. Why are there so many beautiful women here? I asked around and I studied that alot of these womens roots come from Georgia, Florida, Oklahoma, and ALabama area. This was really interesting.

I also recommend for the South Bay by San Jose, is Hands down... LOS GATOS. Amazing and fun even in this depression. Healdsburg is great as well. I also recommend Burlingame and other surrounding areas. Such as Novato.

Thats all I have to say about Norcal. It comes down to Following the money and outskirt cities and Farmtowns are the best.

Southern California, in my day 10 plus years ago, Los Angeles was the sh1t. I loved it. I go there now and the selection there is awful. Plain and Funky looking, the nightlife is fun though. I recommend Malibu, and going to th clubs that allow onl hot chicks in. They say San Diego is better though. Going there in a few months. Tarzania had fine women and tellamuca. Thats where I would sarge the most. Maybe the beach areas. Ive seen Ross Jeffries with fine women though ins stores and such, so there are probably places that are special to go to.

I would like more feedback if possible on locations where 9s and 10s roam. Anywhere in the world.