His guys.

So there's this girl who works at my local pub. We get on well and we have the role play already that she's my stalker (I read before that this sort of role play is good). Text game is good. Teased her a few times to which she responds "shut up " and stuff like that. So all good there. Thing is she never texts first. She alleges she never texts anyone.

I think I'm definitely in with a shot. But what's my next move? I was thinking some kino escalation may work, but is it too late to start that?

She's that "hard to get type" who's always flirty jokingly so it's hard to tell if she's attracted or not.

For now I'll try and assess body language as I'm here now with some friends and she's in the bar.

I'd appreciate ideas (quick ones more, tonight's a regular's bday and there's a 1 o clock bar so it's a good time I feel.


: GeMiNi :&