i just want to see how any of you guys would handle this possible oppurtunity. okay so im 19 and know a girl from college who i made friends with as i thought she was rather attractive. ive always had a playful cocky funny relationship with her as a mate but dont know her that well and dont see her regularly. anyway i recently moved to a new house and its about a 20 second walk from her house. we both know where the other one lives. anyway last night i was out at a bar with some mates and she was there. i chatted to her for a bit and gave her my glasses to "look after" while i went away so i could go back to her later to get them. ended up not seeing her again due to my nights plans changing and she text me today saying she had them and i have yet to go and get them. im just thinking i could go and get them from her but i figured this could be a great chance to run game on her and perhaps snake my way into her house... any advice would be grand thanks everyone - Chase x