Hey guys,

I have a quick question. An HB from university that I've been texting for a while is giving off some IOIs, though I'm not sure how I should approach this. Here's a brief history of what's happened:

1) We were going to a theme park with some friends (she only knew me, my friend, and her friend - out of 8 of us)
2) On the day of, she calls me to ask where I was (since I was late). A bit later, she texts me again while I was on the bus.
3) At the theme park, we meet up and she ignores me completely.
4) She puts her purse in my bag and goes to check her phone in it like every 5-10 minutes.
5) Whenever I try to talk to her, she ignores me and goes away somewhere else.
6) I DHV everyone else, and when I do that she puts her head on me or comes check her phone in my bag.

(I took all this as an IOI)

7) The day after, she texts me to say whats up. I respond immediately, but the exchange was really cold (really short replies from her, no lols or :)s)
8) I text her 2 days later, and still it's pretty dry conversation.
9) She hasn't initiated conversation again and it's been another 2 days.

I've been really friendly to her via text and in person. Do you think that's the right approach or should I use more game in my texting?

Is she confused or just being passive agressive? What should I do now?