Hey guys,
I'm here not because I'm a total AFC, I was using kinos and negs before I knew the proper terminology, but because I have suffered the vicious disease that is Oneitis. Basically i met this girl alot, I negged a good amount, was funny, but just had no inner confidence because she was out of my league, but I put on the facade of confidence. We became pretty good friends and then I asked her on a date (over phone) but then later rejected me because she either thought I wanted to jump into a relationship or friend zoned idk which i think friend zoned. I was still a love sick puppy for her, until at this party she tried to get with my friend who has a girlfriend and she totally ignored me the whole night. I have seen her sparingly, but have tried to keep distance. I'm now going to freeze her out and she what happens from there. What I'm wondering now is 1. What did I do wrong in this first place? ( I think it probably has to do with DHV and inner confidence) and 2. When I hang out with her next time in like a month what can I do to get with her? Thanks for all the help guys I appreciate it.
Sincerely Triestoohard