I'm really concerned because my game just seems so bad (I'm really new to this) this is kinda how it happens

me: hey let me get your opinion on something i can only stay a second because i have to get back to my friends really soon but one of my friends wants to get his girls a cashmere sweater and he went inside her closet to see what size she is and half of what she has is small and the other medium would u rather get a gift that is smaller or bigger

them: blab blab blah

me: great by the way when you guys were saying this i was just randomly reminded of my x girl the other time me and my USC buddies were going to this beach that i still dont know the name of and i was in the ocean surfing and i get a call from my girl and she said that she rented a boat and she her boats motor break down in the ocean and when i heard this i told my boys and they didn't ask any questions and we just rolled and we went to this place where my buddy price tag and we all have differ nicknames and mine is big dog and i had lots of other ones and i got it when we were in a basketball game which is a long story that ill tell later if you guys prove that your cool but anyways knew this guy who rents these motor boats and we got 4 since there was 4 of us and we went and found them and our motor boats had this hooks that we attached to this boat and we got them back and once we came to the shore this seas lion came with us or i think was dragged with us and it was dead with no blood and it was dead with its eyes wide open and it was so sad and adorable at the same time

her: what was the point of that story

me: i didn't know it was suppose to have a point

and after it really feels awkward and i just eject and im done i think what i need to do is lock in or something but help