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    Default great at getting girls numbers...but lost somewhere before we meet?

    Hey guys,

    I can get girls numbers. I approach and even say stupid things to them, but because of my confidence, I think is the reason I usually get them.

    However, I realize I don't take time to build any rapport before I get their number. It's usually an opener, asking them their name, where their from, false time restraint then number closing.

    Now when I text these girls, most I dont ever end up meeting. What am I doing wrong? I usually send a couple small talk texts, and then tell them "we should meet up this week and go somewhere fun or have some drinks somewhere"

    Sometimes I get a response, others just fade away. It's frustrating because Im trying to build a network of girls to date, and the ones I actually meet, end up either just a one night stand or we don't end up hanging out again.

    What's your thoughts?
    Ideally, I'd like to have many girls I could call up and hang out with...right now I have one girl obsessed with me in an unhealthy way and just some numbers of girls I picked up yet haven't met up with.

    In my text game, should I try and close the meet up asap? that night?
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    Default Re: great at getting girls numbers...but lost somewhere before we meet?

    As a general rule it takes between 4-7 cumulative hours to get a woman to feel comfortable enough to sleep with you. (Of course there are always exceptions). Furthermore it's good that you get some comfort with them. But perhaps you need more.

    It's much more reliable to get to a deep level with her in the first meeting. That way she will want to see you again. This may sound cliche, but in your first meeting with her you have to make her feel like she's special. That something about her stuck out and you see her more than just a ONS. This is the meaning behind qualification, rapport building, and even future projections. To reach a deeper level and to solidfy your interaction all before you even get the phone number. Some guys will brag about going out to clubs/bars and getting 10 phone numbers. It's easy to get phone numbers! I'd rather have 1-3 SOLID numbers, with the knowledge that she will most likely meet up with me. So just understand that the initial interaction is more important than getting a phone number. Hope this helps and good luck.

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