Ok, well here goes...

My ex and I broke up about a month and a half ago. At first I was really upset about this and phoned her a bunch of times, but then I get on the right track to getting her back (she broke up with me then I agreed to the breakup to regain social power status back.) After I agreed to this break up she started texting me like she missed me, and I was constantly giving in to this and texting her all AFC and lots of it. So I regained frame by not talking to her for a few days at a time, then one day I had been at school hitting up some girls because I was single. So these girls start posting stuff on my facebook wall like saying we need to hang out, the typical stuff that shows a girl is interested in you.

Reminder this is all about a month and a bit ago....Fast forward to the important stuff, so I initiated texting with my ex about 1 day after these things were posted on my wall, and so she blatantly asked me, "so you're over me then huh? :P" I responded with "just keeping my options open :P" and "I still like you a bit tho " it was supposed to be sort of playful and show that I still liked her. She went into total rage jealousy mode and said she never wanted to talk to me again and all that bs.

From here I went into total AFC mode, I phoned her, I texted her I did everything to try and get her back. I phoned her a bunch of times, we were getting all angry at each other and stuff like this. It was really awful, it got to a point where she said she was going to block my number...

I talked to EddieFews about what he would have done yesterday as I got some counselling from him, he said he would have held the frame that I was indeed keeping my options open as the roles would have reversed, I would have been the one telling her that I don't want to be with her.

I have gone a month with no contact, she was my first love so I feel like this is worth fighting for. She was totally 100% attracted to me, (I am really attractive :P just saying ) but I realize that doesn't mean anything unless you can spit game and be confident.

So I feel like it is time to talk to her, and possibly see her this weekend at a party. I just don't know how I should act at the party, and if I should text her before hand to make sure she shows up and just try and get her thinking about me.