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    Default FB - HB10!!!! Convo stuck - need good routine - pointers

    "the Dress"

    I stumbled on this bombshell this morning golden hair, huge blue eyes, and a very sexy rare dress by HL ( $$$) see through dress with studs ( i keep up on girls fashions and bought one for my ex not too long ago). The HB and I are not friends or mutual friends, and I just happened to see her. She is literally a barbie in life, gorgeous girl, high maintenance, a ferrari! I want to get this bad girl in bed:

    What I want to do to her -

    Ask her the type and color of panties she is wearing if at all and that I want her in bed, minus the dress, plus the sexy heels she is wearing..

    Can't yet because not enough attraction.

    Here is what I wrote before the convo went dead ( obv, im a dude on FB, )..

    me: Herve Leger Dress... Very sexy and a rare piece .. I don't usually do this so I just randomly stumbled on your pic... , but very nice taste

    - G

    her:Thank you veryyy much

    me:haha for what? Listen there is this very Risque and virulent pair of shoes which I have an idea for this dress... shoe-acide would be the caption ... (pic of very expensive shoes they melt for)

    me:You pick the car ... Let's see your take

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    Default Re: FB - HB10!!!! Convo stuck - need good routine - pointers

    Maybe revert back to a little small talk to get to know each other - the dress compliment was good as an introduction but move on from it, don't act like you are Karl lagerfeld and ask some questions to gather and seed intel. Does she have a boyfriend? Where does she live, what does she do? Get her to prove she is more than looks. What do you do? How can you subtly add value to yourself. Doesnt have to be for long, just get her comfortable. I wouldnt tell her what you want to do with her - as up front as asking someone for sex is, it rarely works. Also you wrote 'for what??' when she said thank you for you complimenting her. You did compliment her so you didn't have to say 'for what?'. That would have been a good spot to introduce yourself 'I am blah blah, I'm blah blah. What about you?' etc. Wait till you get a rapport before getting sneaky or too cocky. Pretend she's a HB7.

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