Met this HB9 4 days ago with the help of a friend, i am using david deangelo's teasing method and its working pretty dsmn good. Night we met she was at my home and we made out very passionately then she had to leave, next night she came ovef for sex. We werent together on the 3rd, yesterday was day 4 and she came to my home again. My parents were home so I couldnt do much at first, but when she wanted t o change her clothes to something more comfortable in my room things exploded, we had a very passion make out-sex with clothes on session. She had to leave 30 mins later. I'm in town for just 2 months and she knows it, the panther 1 hour ago turned into a crybaby trying to throw me a tantrum in the taxi, saying she doesnt want me using her for 2 months. this ended up after i pushed her VERY,VERY hard with the teasing game annoying her by saying i know some other girls in the area.

i told her i was just joking, deleted the numbers, i really cant hold for crying women so i even told her i loved her and we should live and enjoy our 2 months to the maximum, well i fking regret it now,since she told me she "loves me too but isnt sure of the situation" she almost has control over the relationship which is against all of the context of the method im using.

we are meeting at a coffee shop today sometime, i need a way to turn the whole thing around. she also played the shitgame of messaging me the same shit for 3 fucking times after i told her i would not text her again that night, trying to make me text back.

if this is gonna work too, she thinks i am super-hot and cute, she really cant stand it when i talk my native language, which has a fucked up accent because of me living abroad, lol.

i dont really wanna lose this chick, she is pretty damn hot and good in bed and one of the very-rare english speaking hotties in this country, there are a lot of nice women but most cant speak english.

so yeah. what should i do to regain control?