Friday night at a crowded club I was with my wing, his date, and his cousin. I was pretty buzzed and made my presence known. High fiving the pretty girls, telling animated stories to my group. I even diffused somebody trying to fight me when I talked to the girl he liked. Anyways I probably drew some attention to myself. My wing(the best ever) pulled the 2 hottest girls in the club over to me while I stood by the bar with my ass out (think Lloyd Christmas wearing the Mad Hatter zootsuit in Dumb & Dumber). The rest was history. I got both their numbers. I worked on HB8.5 asian most of the night but wanted HB9.5 colombian who was occupied by my wings. Exchange went as follows:

Next day:
Me group texting them both: So who was in charge of babysitting me last night??

no response

Monday I text the HB9.5 colombian:
Did you and your sister/cousin (inside joke from friday night) survive??

Her: who is this??
Me: "my name" form "club"
Her: I honestly dont remember
Her: Can I have a picture?
Me: Oh jeez
Her: Lol ok what did we talk about?
Me: *picture* this better not go viral
Her: oh lol now I remember. You were the one talking to my friend.
Me: Yea but I was really trying to talk to YOU
Her: Really? haha wow youre crazy
Me: Should I not have?
Her: You seem like a really cool guy but I'm not going to entertain you
Me: Ok why though?
Me: Wow am I really that ugly?
Her: lol ok...if it makes you feel better youre cute but you talked to my friend..end of story...
Me: That does make me feel better bc I was hurting there for a second lol
Me: at lease let me call you later to clear the air

obviously no response. I really threw my pua training straight out the window at the end. I was forcing myself to leave her alone and retain some semblance of my diginity after putting myself out there. She texting me last night

Her: lol my friend said I should talk to u could you beleive her lol
Me: Shes very wise