Hello guys,

My background, 19 year old and been in the pick up scene for 2-3 years, mostly doing night/club game. Danced with hundreds of girls, made out with more than 50 girls over the past year.

Thing is, for a long time, I used to switch girls after I'd get the make out instead of trying to fully close her. So, I only had sex with 3 girls (all of these were SNL). Therefore, I am not 100% confident in my skillset in bed.

I know for a fact that I must not be THAT bad, since all of these 3 girls wanted to see me afterwards and get farked again (but I didn't want to), but as a really dedicated perfectionism, I expect better.

For a month or two, I passed most of my time with a girl that I met in a club, we hit it off, but no sex yet. The opportunity just wasn't exactly there yet, and I'm not really what I would call "horny".

Anyways,now I know that she wants to have sex and she's getting frustrated since I gave her LMR last friday
(She wanted to have sex on an air bed when her dad was in the other room).

Basically, I will have sex with her next time I see her, and since I know that the roots of a great relationship is having a great sex life, I want to see if you guys have any input?

I have read Sex God Method by Daniel Rose a couple of months ago, and I do think that I'm great with creating strong emotion, but I am worried with my limited experience (I basically only know cowgirl, reserve cowgirl, missionary and doggy). My second worry is the fact that I'm pretty sure she's really tight (as I'm a big man, 6ft3 and she's a petite brunette, 5ft2, with a nice ass) so I don't want to bust a nut early, that would be a game breaker.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the two main things I am aware of for controlling ejaculation is to control your breath and maybe pelvic exercise. Do you guys know anything else?

So yeah, that's basically the time when you guys write down your advices, input, tips, or even rant about my grammar or me being a crybaby!