-i posted this in 'how to get ex back' section but need more advice quick

alright, 1st post. strong lurker here lol sry for super long post, just adding in some detail... skip to last part if u don't care, i just need to know how to react to her flaking.

my girlfriend and i broke up a month ago, 7 years on and off. so this isnt the first time. the other time we broke up i acted like a beta b itch and and so this time she announced that she doesnt love me like she used to blah blah so i kept eating my pizza hut and basically was like alright that's cool. and so she got some things and left but before she left she asked why i was being a jerk about it and i just laughed and said im not.

i want to get back with her. there was no contact for about 3 weeks other than her saying, "hey I'm coming over to get some of my stuff, will you not be there?' in which i agreed of course.
and another day, she wanted to come get our dog and go to the beach, at the spot where i was at and i told her not to come around and she got mad and started asking why.

she's been posting stuff on her fb that seems like shes just trying to make me jealous with song lyrics and stuff. then one day she told me she is moving back to where we're from with the dog "for good." i said "ok have a safe trip." she never moved back lol. i know that shes been hanging out with another guy at his house a lot from what one of my friends told me.

well i called her after 3 weeks and she was happy to hear from me, she said that she thought i never wanted to see her and our dog again. i asked her to bring her over so i could play with her and so she came over for about 30 min, i told her i had to go somewhere, in which she repeatedly asked where. we were a little flirty, not a lot though. she started making plans for a couple days later to take our dog out on the beach together. well she txted me that day (fathers day) and told me happy fathers day from her and our dog. but i just said thanks and neither of us mentioned the plans. she also started posting some fb status' with our favorite incubus love songs lol

i called her a few days later, she didnt answer or call back. i called her again 3 days later, she didn't answer then called back. she brought up the fact that she forgot to call me back the other day blah blah. we decided that she would bring the dog over on her way to work 2 days later. well i only seen her when she came to pick her up and she just complained to me about her day, her body language was kind of nervous, she didnt look at me much, i said some flirty things, her not so much.

then she makes the comment "well, cmon (dogsname) we've been here too long" i reacted with, "whats that mean?" (bad move?) she says "oh nothingggg" then goes to leave. still confused about that one. i called her 2 days later and basically said all the wrong s hit. i asked her if she wanted to take our dog to the beach, she said maybe, and i said "oh playing hard to get?" which i think is stupid of me to do even though she thought it was funny. she said she had to start some laundry and clean a little bit and she would call me back and i gave her a time restraint cause i had to go to work later.

she texted me back saying "i have some things to take care of... thursday would be better" that's 2 days from now. i said "okay thats cool"

NOW what do i do? she flaked on me and now i feel like she will do it again Thursday. im thinking about txting her saying i dont really wanna hang out at all and i think we should just be friends. bad or good idea? or just play it cool and not contact her on Thursday unless she contacts me first, in which i will probably tell her some bs like i cant or something. im just afraid she will flake on me first on Thursday.

appreciate any suggestions or advice!