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    Default Accidently getting into the friends zone?

    Recently I used the keytag sequence on a girl on an online dating website. Since the meet up was 2 weeks away she suggested we exchange numbers if i wanted to text/talk on the phone. Reluctantly I agreed since the meet up was 2 weeks away and wanted her to keep her mind on me.

    Now since that time we have been texting daily ( probably too often) and there has been some flirting and the texts are enjoyable.

    However both times I escalated a text sexually her response was not positive, Once she didnt respond at all the the second text went like this:

    Me: I know a ride you cant pass up
    Her: yeah Thunder Mountain and Indiana Jones
    Me; I dont know if I am going to let you ride my ride ( prior inside joke about a hat that makes me look like indiana jones)- u got a fast pass?
    Her: I dont need no stinking fast pass!!
    Me: True u can make a pass at me anytime especially on pirates.. yo ho ho!

    Then she goes silent.

    Now the overall texting vibe is positive and fun but lacking any sexual tension. I suspect this is due to too much texting and not creating enough attraction/mystery.

    So my plan is to get her to meet up before the original meeting date of next Sunday.

    Is this the right move? Did I accidentally end up in the friend zone. Does her lack of response to sexual escalation indicate I should push things further or cut bait and move on?

    Feedback appreciated.


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    Default Re: Accidently getting into the friends zone?

    Hey Dave

    I don't think you are friend zoned here. You've made statements of intent, so she know where you are coming from.

    I think the timing may be off here re the escalation - you guys haven't even met.

    So, slow it down and tone it down. Also when you have 2 or 3 texts going back and forth and she was the last to text and needs a response, don't respond for about 2 hours.


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