I have been talking to this girl for a few months now she is a friend of a friend.. she is lebanese with what i presume strict parents, we where talking texting until like 3-4am in the morning for 3 months or so caught up here and there for a coffee as well. She has shown great interest and told her friends she has feelings for me. Last wednesday we caught up after i dropped her home and there was a problem as one of her relatives was smoking in front of her house she freaked out.. i assured her everything is ok we waited round the corner i ask her if she has ever had a bf or guy drop her home to what she says no i havent alright and i probs still can't.. I'm nice about it and drop her home. I get a message saying sorry etc after i drop her off, me being curious as to why nothing has happened replied saying I'm a bit confused as to what is happening etc, she has said to me that. I get a message back saying i see us more as friends after some light arguing i said i rather have you in my life then not at all etc. The next day i get a message from her like we are still "seeing" each other and everyday since she has been posting on my fb wall, commenting or texting me till same hours of the morning how ever she has told me "friends".

I know she is interested in me as she has told her friends and even me i am seeing her for coffee tomorrow night her idea what should i do? i do really like this girl a lot... The situation will be brought up is there any thing i should say that will help me in this way,

my idea of it is that her parents won't let her have a bf but she won't tell me any ideas on what to do?