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    Default beginner- want openers, layed out plans, etc.


    The problem isn't flirting with girls and getting with them girls that I know...

    My problem is meeting girls that I don't know. I'm 6'2 and drive a car (I'm stationed in Greece where the cops don't care for the rest of the summer) so many girls approach me, smile, stare etc and I don't know what to do.

    What are some great openers you guys could give to a beginner?
    Some conversation starters, topics, etc that work for beginners?
    Or maybe a plan that's like 'say X here followed by Y and Z and then do A B or C and then lean in for the kiss'?

    Thanks so much to whoever helps!
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    Default Re: beginner- want openers, layed out plans, etc.

    As for the openers you want, you don't need to give them too much thought, they're just conversation starters, it took me way too long to learn that. You can use a situational opener, which is using something in your local environment to start a conversation. For example, "did you see those 2 girls fighting outside?" or "did you hear about what happened at -insert location here- last week?".

    Personally I like opinion openers. This is where you approach asking for an opinion to something. It doesn't really matter how you open, it just has to be original and not what everyone else would say. What I mean by that is that beautiful women and their friends will be approached several times a day, if you go over with "you're gorgeous, can I have your number?" or, "can I buy you a drink?" you're just another loveable loser like the rest.

    Hope that helped a little. For more on where to start read this .

    You seem to want something with a little structure to start out. I suggest you look into musters method. Thought I've learned the best strategy is to go with the flow and think on your feet. All that you have to focus to do at first will just become your natural self.

    Good luck and welcome to the community, bro

    : GeMiNi :&

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