hi , last night there was this really BEAUTIFUL HB10 at a night club. I used bodylanguage flirting from a distance and i got a response by getting IOIs such as she came closer to me and like at one stage she was pushed by her friend right infront of me, it seemd like she was interested in a grind haha. THe eye contact was very discreet and subtle but in my opinion if i noticed her and she came numerous times 2 arms lengths away from me, surely thats not a coincidence.

SADLY yes i had AA and didnt approach her because i felt threatened and her social proof with other guys was high. BUT one of my best friends knows this girl personally, so this is where i need the advice: should i wait until i see her again at a club and approach or do a facebook trick and say i saw you on the "do you know thease people " list and reconised you from the club and take it from there and next time i see her my approach is halfway done