I'll try to keep it short. To begging with I'm not an unattractive guy and I'm pretty athletic. I have confidence and can talk to girls, just never get the ones that I want. My problem is that the girl I like may be totally turned off. I have known this girl well for about a year. She is extremely confident and never really has a guy. Many people classify her as a "hipster". Whenever we hang out it is always with her friend and they are vary rarely separated (though it does happen). This girl and I have had very good talks with her friend asleep in the back and by ourselves and she has been known to drop suggestions between us, but I feel its her being a tease. She once even thanked me for being her one guy friend that hasn't hit on her. Now, me and her friend have recently been hooking up, with her in the same room. This was out of boredom mostly, though this girl was fun and attractive, we just don't click. My question is have I been friend-zoned and it's too late or is there a chance still. If there is a chance how would I go about making a move.