Hey guys

Need some advice as to what to do in regards to my situation. I started dating this girl in January, and things had progressed reasonably well as we had a lot of things in common and we enjoyed eachothers company. She's a bikini model and terribly insecure, needed constant validtation, and took offense when she'd send me pictures at work and I'd ignore them. Sex was good, although I was really concerned with treating her with respect, and probably didn't push things as hard as I should of as she really got a lot of validation from it. Things where going really well until about three weeks ago when there was something going on at my job where I was under quite a lot of stress and she was internalizing it (asking if we where okay), etc... Things got worse and there was a growing distance between us, it culminated with us having a huge discussion about where we saw the relationship going and how we felt about eachother. She had originally wanted to take a break, but after asking why I discovered that she was just concerned with where I saw the relationship going, I confessed my love for her and told her that I saw us moving in together in the future and travelling together once we finished our show prep (I'm a bb competitor). After I said all that I said 'I'm totally comfortable if you left now, you know how I feel and if you wanna walk go ahead'. She decided to stay said she loved me. The next day we spent together at both our parents places and things seemed to be going well.

fast foward to Wednesday, she was starting to act like hanging out was a chore, not being affectionate via text and all around not very interactive when we hung out.

Thursday got worse, she was ignoring my texts, and talking at me, not to me, and also cancelled our plans for the long weekend to spend with her wedding party friends(a side note to the wedding, was that she asked me to go to it 3 months into our relationship, I said that I'm not comfortable making that commitment to something a year away). Friday we went out to a dinner for her friend, and she was distant and out right rude, trying to run my show (trying to tell me what to do), I was so flabber ghasted and upset since I was so vulnerable after what I had said, she was definitively taking advantage of my weakness (yes, I know never show weakness, but when she brought that stuff out of me, I felt exposed, and she knew she had me.

Over the weekend, her texting became even more vague, and unaffcetionate, I talked to one of her gf's and she flat told me to dump her as she's probably going to do it anyway, and more than likely had someone waiting in the wings. After some hard thinking, I texted her, calling her out on her bs, and broke up with her before she could do it.

I had tried to be amicable and she said she didn't want to meet me (as we have to work together in a few weeks). Later that evening, she texted me saying she wanted to chat, but couldn't because she didn't want to wake up her roommate (clear avoidance), and then tried phoning the next day. I haven't replied or spoken to her since I sent the break up text (I know it was immature, but I knew it was the last card I had to play). She's texted me asking why I'm ignoring, and this past Thursday left a pretty harsh voicemail, where she said she was going to explain herself, but all she did was use my break up text as ammunition to get me upset.

Everyone I've talked to said she probably had found someone else to entertain her, as it's summer time she's looking good and I wasn't giving her enough validation, plus her M/O has always been new guys, that are exciting, apparently this is the most stable relationship she's been in.

My question is how to get attraction back from her, she's upset that I'm not paying any attention to her, but how do I capitalize on that and use it create doubt that she's doing the right thing?

Thanks in advance.