Hi all,

Here is the situation: Friday I met a pretty girl. We saw some art, we had beer and then I had to go oncall. She walked me to the train, we shook hands. I said "It's been emotional", she laughed and said "is that good or bad?", then I laughed and said "both!" {i was teasing her a little - she rocks), we then shook hands again and parted. I thought "oh balls I may have ruined this", so went home, sulking. I was working late that evening when I got a text from her, telling me she had had fun, and if I wanted to go out again, when I was not so busy, to give her a shout. I was very pleased, and left things, then (on advice of a friend, who said "don't play hard to get or she will get worried"), texted her the next day to say I thought she was fun and yes, I do want to see her again. That was yesterday. The whole thing happened on Friday.

What's next? When should I call her or what ever?

Cheers dudes