Ok so i have two questions: firstly when you see a girl is there a certain amount of time you should wait before approaching, for example: while waiting for a bus a girl walks by you, you notice each other but no eye contact is made, if you were to wait 2-3 minutes would your window to effectively open have closed?

Secondly i would like your critique on my half opener (not really trying): we were on a bus and i asked: does this bus stop at x station at this time of night (midnight)
Her: I'm not sure I think it does
Me: ok good because i've been standing for 5 hours
Her: oh really?
Me: yeah i saw cooper and maiden
Her: cool
I decided to tty it because when we made eye contact the second time she smiled at me so I said why not lol. I figured since it was midnight she was just tired and wanted to get home but is there anyway i could have kept the conversation going more smoothly? Thanks