Long story short, this girl is angry and a friend and I because we didnt invite her to a 4th of July BBQ. Shes a pretty close friend too.

We didnt invite her because she was mad for a separate reason and we didnt want to bother her or bring any drama while we were hanging out.

She found out we were at the beach and got angry. We told her we didnt mean any harm and we didnt invite because we thought she was still angry/didnt want to annoy her.

She sent the following texts and isnt talking to either of us. I find this extremely immature.

"Whatever dude the point is you didnt invite"


"Whatever dont invite me to shit anymore cause that shit you guys did there hurt. I was at home alone not doing shit"

What should I do here? I tried calling her yesterday with no luck. I also invited her to a couple places in the last couple days. She says shes "busy" or just doesnt respond or hangs out with other friends. Im not going to contact her for a while because I dont want to seem desperate for her forgiveness.

What would you do in this situation?