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    Default Actually a good night or just an open girl?

    I apologize for the long post, but hopefully I could get a more accurate feedback with all these details.

    I ran into an old crush (6+ years since we last met) randomly at a restaurant while visiting Taiwan. She looks even hotter now. When we saw each other, she immediately came over and gave me a hug. After some chitchat she commented on how I had become more fit, and tried to poke me. I told her she looked nice too (didn't think about gaming her yet).
    I eventually got her number and invited her to a karaoke gathering the next day, where I've decided to give my new found knowledge a try.

    Some background on myself. I have recently started to read "The Game", that led to me finding VHL's "The Pickup Artist", and then to Mystery's book, "The Mystery Method". I am only about half way through "The Mystery Method" and have been wondering how legit everything is. I knew this crush would be a good 1st attempt because: 1) I know her already so I will be less nervous. 2) I can re-introduce myself as a high-value male since it's been years since we last saw each other.

    She showed up in a sexy black dress, definitely trying to impress. While ignoring her at first, I tried a couple of routines on the rest of the group. Even pretended to go outside talking on the phone, went to a beauty store, put on a perfume sample, and told everyone that a random girl thought I was cute and hugged me. I moved next to her after enough DHV and started to focus. I leaned back when she was talking to me, negative reinforcements by talking to another girl if she did something I did not like, and left the room to preserve value when it was her turn to sing. After awhile I was able to get her undivided attention, to the point where we eventually skipped singing and left the room to chat more privately. I continued to DHV, telling her about a business deal that just went through, about places that I own, and about new opportunities in Japan.

    Since she knows about my current girlfriend, I have mentioned her unwillingness to move to Asia with me (a self girlfriend destroying attempt, if you will). I played it so that it would be her loss for not following me, attempting to nullify any DLV as a result of this story. My crush then mentioned her own on-going LDR. I played it cool after hearing about her boyfriend and naturally did some destroying while pretending to ask her for LDR advice.

    I even told her old stories of my crush on her, she swung my arm back and forth begging for the details.
    I was able to escalate kino to the point where when I put my hand around her waist, she would automatically lean into me and stay there.

    We finally left karaoke at 1am, even though she mentioned earlier having to leave by eleven. And that was not the end of it, we (just the two of us) have decided to bounce and continue drinking. Quite frankly, I forgot who bounced who. I was unfamiliar with the bars in Taiwan so she actually led the way. We continued until 2am, and did yet another bounce to a more romantic bar. IOI's were still being exchanged. For example, she wiped sweat off my forehead, and there were some random touching. She definitely knows her way around the bar better than I do. By the time we get to the second bar she was in charge of ordering everything ( I don't even remember paying). The whole time at the bar she kept giving me relationship advices, such as "If she (my girlfriend) won't move back with you, then fark her! That's what I am doing with my boyfriend!". I actually attempted a kiss close, but she mentioned my girlfriend and stopped me. (Damn I should've learned how to re-escalate kino)

    By the time we left the second bar, it was almost 4am. She then led me to a nearby breakfast place and BOUGHT me breakfast. Three bounces in one night, I could not believe I had done this on my first game attempt.
    However, I sensed some frustration/disappointment during breakfast. (Should I have kept pushing for a kiss close?)
    Afterwards we shared a cab ride home. She gave me a deep hug when we got to her place and I made sure she walked in okay.

    We continued to text throughout the day, during which she called me "weak-sauce" and that we didn't party hard enough last night. I tried to playfully argue with her, but in retrospect it was a bad idea since seeking for her approval may have DLV on myself.

    I was indeed very excited, feeling like a kid that discovered superpowers.
    But after some thinking, did it really go that well?
    She is obviously more experienced; knows all the places to go and what to order.
    Was that night just a "normal" night for her? Or was she hoping for something to happen as well?
    Will she get buyer's remorse?
    I am now back to the US, but can still text her. Should I?
    What in general should I do?

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    Default Re: Actually a good night or just an open girl?

    It seemed like a pleasant night out to me. Although I am not a promoter of cheating, I can still give you feedback.

    I know there was no way around it, but you were in "her" world. She knew all the fun places and lead the way. Not the best thing, but definitely not the worst. (She could've had friends and completely ignored you the whole night)

    Kino is not just about getting her used to your touch, but missing it when you are NOT touching her. So not only should you be initiating kino, but also ending it. If you have ever rubbed your arm for about 30 seconds then stopped, you feel a strange fuzzy feeling. Almost like a ghost hand is still there touching you. This is how you want your touch to be, for her to feel like it is unnatural when you are NOT touching her. This builds the tension. One of my favorite things to do is touch my forhead to hers and move in like I'm going to kiss, hang there for a few seconds, then pull away completely. Talk about unfinished business! This creates tension and if you get good enough, she won't be able to keep her hands off of you.

    She wouldn't be normal if she wasn't thinking about you and her together. It had to at least pop up once in her head. But that doesn't mean she will actually leave her boyfriend. According to Mystery Method you have to build attraction (which you did), build comfort, (which you did) and then seduce her (you did some of that). But a very overlooked, but just as important step, is qualification. Without qualifying and using Statements of Interest, your interest in her will not be clear and she will wonder why you are willing to cheat on your girlfriend. (Btw women do take into account that if you are williing to sleep with someone when you have a current gf, what's to stop you from doing that to them)

    I would most assuringly say that you should contact her. Just understand that attraction is a flame that needs to be fed so you may have to keep it casual right now. Gauge how she is feeling after that night and go from there. Hope this helps and good luck.

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