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    Default Free of friend zone, how to proceed?

    I met this HB 8 in school a few years back and we built a good friendship, but I always thought there was something more to us than just friends. The past few years we would see each other often in group settings and end up splitting off on our own to just hang out. We went on a few "date" like meetups, but nothing came of them, mostly because of some lack of confidence and inability to identify any IOI's.

    Since our last interaction earlier this year, I've learned and studied a lot of game and have began to find some success with it. This weekend at a party, I decided I would game her and get out of the friend zone. Beyond our generally strong rapport, I ended up succeeding through the use of a lot more kino, especially the claw when around others and I ended up making out with her for quite a while. However, while making out, she sat up and kinda went on shortly about how she didn't want me to think she was a bitch and stuff. I kind of just shrugged it off and she quickly came back down to start making out more.

    The next day she texted me first with some fluff and then we went on about how we enjoyed spending time together the night before. I told her to let me know on Monday when she would be able to go out sometime this week. Monday comes, and she gave me here schedule for the week and I arranged for her to meet for lunch on Tuesday. She was very positive through this interaction and made clear she was looking forward to seeing me. Tuesday morning I get a text's the conversation:

    HB - Hey __ I'm really not feeling great right now. I have a pounding headache . I don't want to bail but I might have to. Can I let you know a bit closer?

    ME - That's fine it's not the end of the world, hope you feel better. (I struggled to think of a response that wouldn't seem needy)

    Few hours later

    HB - Hey, I'm feeling a bit better, but can we plan to hang out tmrw or later this week? I'm still not feeling the greatest.

    I responded saying I was glad she felt better, but I was busy with a couple of different things throughout the week and couldn't hang until Friday. We re-arranged and now have plans for Friday afternoon, and hopefully evening.

    Prior to ending the interaction:

    ME - No more headaches ___ or you'll give me one of my own

    HB - Haha not planning on it...(went on to say why she thought she felt sick)...see you Friday!

    I had a few questions and was looking for some input:

    1 - Should I be worried that she could flake? I don't think she was flaking with her headache, but I was just wondering your guys thoughts based on that information.

    2 - Now that I got out, what are some of the important things to key on to get even further away from the friend zone?

    3 - Is there anything of meaning to gain from the interaction we had while making out?

    4 - How did I handle this entire situation? Should I have handled anything differently?

    I'm new to the community and forums here, but would appreciate any insight.

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    Default Re: Free of friend zone, how to proceed?

    To answer your first question, It really doesn't matter if she is faking it or not, girls have dirty games like that or maybe not everyone is different

    To answer you 2nd question, you need to escalate touching make excuses to touch her or give her a hug when you meet up and say "Hey glad you're feeling better" or " Hey! How are you ! I hope your feeling better"

    Your 3rd question I really didn't understand but I think your trying to say if there is anything you can grasp form making out, your answer is yes she likes you and wants to have a potential relationship

    You're 4 th question when she texted you saying "Hey __ I'm really not feeling great right now. I have a pounding headache . I don't want to bail but I might have to. Can I let you know a bit closer?"
    She obviously knows you well so she knows your boundaries between being serious and fooling around so I would a said something like this " awwww mrs. highlight is feeling down, what can I do to make you feel better " something like that. That's showing you care about and giving her some happiness in a sh1tty day.
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    Default Re: Free of friend zone, how to proceed?

    Everything seems fine - she had a headache - get used to it. If she consistently starts to flake you have a problem but stay in touch like you have. You know each other well already so play it cool so she doesn't get weirded out after you made out. Escalate it towards sex next time you see her in person. If she says take it slow be persistent.

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