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    Arrow Met at a wedding?!

    Hello. I was a groomsmen in a wedding for a close friend this past weekend. I was the only single groosmen, and there was one single bridesmaid. Everyone was pushing for us to talk and converse, so we finally did after a few drinks at the reception. Im a really shy guy, and she was a really shy girl. After constant pressure from the other groosmen, I finally approached her, and we actually had a nice conversation. From the conversation, I felt like she was really into me.

    During the conversation she suggested that we grab another glass of wine, and go outside to continue to talk. There was alot of eye contact, laughs, and smiles. I told her to take my number, but she didnt have her phone on her so she gave me hers. I texted her when she gave me hers, so that she would have mine when she got to her phone.She asked when I was leaving, and said that If I would have talked to her earlier we could have hung out.(not sure if she was just being nice)

    After the wedding and on the way home, she sent a smiley face. I texted back, telling her that it was nice meeting her and hoped that she had a good time. She replied that it was nice meeting me too, and that she hoped I had a goodnight. The next day while at the airport, I decided to text her just to have some conversation. She told me that she would have picked me up and we could have done lunch before I left If I would have let her know.(once again, not sure if she is being nice again) We texted back and forth until I boarded for my flight, and the last text I sent her was that I really wanted to get to know her better, so she shouldnt be a stranger and contact me sometimes. She replied Of course, and wished me a safe flight home.

    Well I arrived home yesterday and I havent heard from her. She did friend me on facebook this morning though. From the conversation at the wedding and via text IT SEEMS, that she interested but Im not sure. With me living in a different state, it makes the situation a little more difficult. Im not sure if I should wait and see if she tries to contact me, or should I contact her. Thanks in advance! Btw, im a 24 year old male and shes 23.
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