Hi Guys,

So I've started to go on this online dating site. It's great fun and I've met this girl...HB8 (for those who are familliar with the Adult entertainment world, she looks like a shorter version of Janine Lindemulder).

Occassionally we will exchange several emails in one night...and then she would ignore me for few days. She's hardly told me anything about herself - not even her name. Our email exchanges are mostly banter. She does respond well to back handed slaps. But on the otherhand she has started to put a "x" at the end of all her messages.

I really feel she's gaming me. It's like once in awhile she would throw a bone to keep the dog happy.

So guys, I need all your expertise. How can I turn the tables around? I am confident if we meet up, I can get her to eat off my palm. But the challenge is to get her to open up more through the internet so I can actually arrange to meet up.