I met this girl at the dance club; she goes there often with a friend (her fiend is married), She has a PHD Degree in Mathematics, she is a geek girl, we see at the club 2 or 3 times a week. I am not sure why I am so attracted to her. One time when I was approaching her to ask for a dance, her friend kick her on with her elbow like she will say “look at him is coming, go for it”, you know body language! She is very close with her friend that is too hard for me just to talk to her without her friend get into the way. So I ask for her phone number so I can msg or call her to get a date. The first time I msg she responded back to me “Who is this again… kidding”. I response back the next day something like this “I am your dream come true, the best lover that you ever had, me king of the nerds and geeks “. I was cocky and kidding right. So after this email the next time a saw her with her friend at the club they were king of hiding behind people. They behave weird so I did not care so much because I was dancing with other chicks, after a while I approached to the girl that I like and her friend to say hi, and they kind of ignore me, they were talking with other guy, so I saw a hot chick in front of me the that I been dancing before and she notice my fast move, so I ask the hot chick to dance with me and we dance like for 15 minutes after that other chicks ask me to dance with her. The girl that I like just was looking at me. Since I did not pay too much attention to her rejection, I approached her one more time to ask her to dance with me, she accepted and we dance we have a good time dancing but that is all. Next day I msg her to ask for a remedy for hangover and I msg again on 4 july and I did not get any msg back from her. Please advise how to proceed