So I have been using a slight variation on the photo routine (lets take a serious picture, lets take a goofy picture, kiss me on the cheek, etc.) to k-close on first dates with online dating girls.

Essentially I run it like this - Meet them for drinks at good bar in Downtown, as things are winding down "Let's get out of here, walk around for a bit", on the way out grab my camera from the trunk of my (nice) car - "Have you ever done night photography before?" I'm a professional photographer so having the camera does not come off as too strange and most girls I have met are interested in taking photos with me because of my work.

I give them the camera, "Here, let's see what you can do, I set it up for you", they take some interesting night photos and are always like "Wow, so cool, etc" and then I transition into the K-close photo routine (and of course escalate kino with them as they are taking photos leading up to this point). It's had a 100% success rate for me, and I always am sure to make out with them again before they head out. They will often laugh as it is happening "I know where you are taking this . . ." but they always move in for the kiss, etc. I don't answer them, just smile.

A day and a half later or so I text them a photo they took that night (not of us, but of the Downtown buildings, etc) "Hey, who knew you were a good photographer? I had fun, let's do this again . . . etc." They usually respond, but is there room to improve on this followup? I've had a weird instance where the girl never replied to me, but later I look at their Facebook and they made it their main photo. Another girl made it the background on her phone. So it seems to be pretty cool, but I still think I am not getting the most out of it for some reason. Any thoughts?

(also, I should note that I am really going for a LTR at this point, so I don't mind if the process takes a little longer)