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From the game, Pap didn't seem to be well suited for the pua world. He seemed better at running it, then actually doing and getting results...PUA betters u in all areas of life I believe, but really picking up bad bitches and if ur good at it, then u never have to be lonely. Papa, from what I read, didn't acquire this skill

You don't get to wear he is without having some serious game. The fact is he learned from some of the best, the pioneers of the game and worked right beside some of the most innovative minds in pick up. You've got to give credit where it's due, the guy is very good.

This world we operate in is built off respect. Gaining respect by what you accomplish and showing respect to those who have earned it. The reason you ask the experts here for advice is because you respect what they've done and what they know. Everyone here needs to understand this. You can disagree with someone and still respect them.

Disqualifying and disrespecting someone does not make you look any better. Alphas are secure in who they are and what they've done and can respect the same in someone else. They don't tear others down to make them feel/look better (except negging, which is more of a reality check than a dis). That's a beta move.

Greatness respects greatness.