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    Default Impact of your Facebook activity in your game

    Hi all

    I'm new to this forum and something happened to me last week..

    I'm on my late twenties, I'm short and I was far from being the "popular" guy at school and college (I was basically the nerd). I never had a girlfriend unfortunately. Nowadays I work as a software/computer engineer so basically I dont see much girls at work.I started to read this pua stuff some months ago. I bought new clothes, try to change a little my appearance and start improving my game.
    Two weeks ago I went to a bar with some friends (friends who are also afraid to talk to girls), and we made kind of a bet. So I went to talk to a couple of girls and I got my first number ever from a girl that was there.

    Now the bad part...

    We exchanged numbers and emails and she added me to her facebook list. She have 800/900 friends and lots of comments, likes photos etc and I have only about 100 friends, only 25/30 are girls and very few comments and photos there.

    When we meet for the first time after that night at the bar, she started a "facebook massacre"during the first 20 minutes asking questions like: "Why dont you have friends?" "Why dont you have girls at your facebook list?" etc and she started calling me weird and not social. I told her that I dont care about facebook and I got nervous. I guess she felt like I was a loser and she was not interested anymore. So the rest of the date was small talk and she didnt talk to me again since then.

    I'm learning how to get girls and how to talk to them, but I cant hide the fact that I'm still a loser and I dont have many friends right now..Do you think that your facebook activity is very important because it represents your "social level" or something like that, or its not a big deal?

    Help me please

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    Default Re: Impact of your Facebook activity in your game

    First things first: you're not a loser. Dude, you went to get a probably popular/hot girl's number, get her facebook, and saw her again, how cool is that? You just elevated yourself above most guys around you

    As for facebook, check cody's tutorial about it:

    It's pretty helpful, and get you some mystery; and again, why would not having 900 friends on facebook make you a loser? Is that how someone's value is calculated? She gave you a sh1t-test, and you walk right into it, it happens. Realize that it was super childish from her, and next time it happens with someone, just point it out

    "Haha.. Is that... *'I can't believe it' look* Is that how you evaluate people? By the numbers of dudes they have on a website? Please, don't tell me your biggest pride are your 900 contacts, I would be SO disappointed "

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