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    Default How to recover after blowing it

    Hey guys, I'm a mid-20s professional living in a big city. The kind of place where girls are plenty but ones you'd want for a lifetime are few.

    I screwed up something that could be good and I need some expert advice on how to get back on track.

    I met a girl at a party about six months ago. She approached me and we talked for a few hours. I gamed her correctly (I was the undisputed alpha at this party) and she lapped it up, but I didn't have time for another lady in the rotation.

    Since then, our social circles have intersected and we would run into each other once a week. After some serious IOIs from her, I made some room in my life, and she practically asked me out. We started spending time together but her job took her to another city for the summer. That was a month ago. She was enthusiastic about me visiting a few weeks ago when I was in that area.

    Two days before my visit, a good friend of mine fell ill and passed away suddenly. I made the funeral etc. A couple days later, I went out with this girl and then we spent a good 15 hours together the next day. I had all the plans in the world to make moves on this girl, but given what had just happened, I felt like crap. After that loss, I didn't want to take a risk of "losing" another friend at that moment. We got along great but I never pushed it beyond friendly interactions, although she clearly wanted more.

    From everything I've seen, she is serious g/f material. Checks almost every box for me. I know I f-ed up by not at least showing her my interest. My (well gamed) texts and emails don't get the quick response they once did. My gut tells me she's pissed that I didn't make a move and she's the kind of girl who might feel rejected. I think I've walked myself into the friend zone. Under other circumstances, I'd own up to being a p-ssy. On the other hand, I kept true to myself by not acting like like all was well when really it wasn't.

    Anyway, I will be near her summer location again this weekend. I want to see her and "fix" things but I'm a little too proud to text a girl to meet up when she's stopped responding to BS texts. Just seems pathetic and needy to then ask her to hang. Sh-t, practically a whole day together and I didn't make a move. Definitely not like me. How does one recover? (And yes, there are others in the rotation).

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    Default Re: How to recover after blowing it

    Quote Originally Posted by JetGo View Post
    I'm a little too proud to text a girl to meet up when she's stopped responding to BS texts. Just seems pathetic and needy to then ask her to hang.
    I think you should go for what you want here. Don't worry about the pride - its messing with your head.

    You need to text her. If she replies - sweet. If she doesn't - you're in the same position anyway.

    The idea is to come across as confident and not needy.

    An example of a text "Hey will be in your area this weekend. Let's catch up. Heard [Coyote Ugly] is a cool place. Need to tell you something."

    Leave the text hanging so that she wants more, but needs to meet with you to find out what it is.


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