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    Default Flaking text response needed and how to deal with it

    Me and an old girlfriend who recently reinitiated contact with me. Talked for like a month and went out a few times already. So today we were supposed to meet up again. Here's the text.

    Her: Hey (Aless). I'm sorry but my mom's really sick so taking her to the Drs :/ We'll hangout another day promise. Have a good day

    Me: Its alright, hope your mom gets better. Pinky promise?(she's big on them) Yea set it up for this week miss planner

    Her: Thanks, okayyyy i pinky promise mister

    So I know you don't give them the ball and stuff and let them have control. Wondering if I should have just been "ok see you tommorow noon then" but the thing is I feel i've invested alot more and have always been one to ask out. She says we should go here, there but she isn't the one who sets it up. I'm not worried if she doesn't text me about it, because I'm seeing someonelse friday but I still like her. If she doesn't text to set up meet, should i just send a text saying "going x friday, meet up" like day before?

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    Default Re: Flaking text response needed and how to deal with it

    No look even if she slept with you but never initiates contact that probably means that she only sees you as mr right now and not mr. right so freeze her out see what her reaction is be the alpha, if there is none then next her cuz if u keep it up like this u'll fall in love with her and she'll break u're heart
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