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Yes, they can. Example: the neg. It was originally created to lower a woman's self esteem and bring her down to your level. Nowadays, most PUA techniques are based on the assumption that you are an alpha male and thus hold the highest value. You now bring the values of those who associate with you up. This is a more powerful technique and thus the old one is outdated.

After The Game was released, the community went booming and a lot of new, better techniques were developed. Also, 'The Game' has become a very populair and well read book, causing women to know the stuff in there. These things have made it outdated. The basis of it is still a good way to start for those who wish to go indirect, though, no doubt about that.
Yeah, new "theories" can be developed, but if by "outdated" we mean it doesn't work anymore, then no, of course it still works.

If we mean "less used then before in the PUA community" then your point holds, but still the main thing should be whether or not it still works..

Also the NEG thing can still work even if you're an alpha with a girl that, say, has the attitude of being the best in the universe (I wonder why anyone would want to mingle with such a person anyway, but just saying... )

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Yeah this what I mean, the fundamental factors are the same. I admire mystery and his method because he built it from the ground up, he didn't have stuff to read up on or forums like this that we have. Driven by frustration, he set out to solve these mysteries single handedly. Plus a lot of the theory behind his stuff is very interesting and, I find, very relevant. Like Virgil said, because of the books popularity it made it more difficult, but he has since restructured the method.

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Well actually they had forums already and he created one just for a few people because the main were already too mainstream.

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I think Mystery's Method isn't just a PUA thing, many of his core concepts are real psychology. I bet if he put it in a different(more formal way) and wrote it in a professional medical journal it would be real scientific theory. I see Mystery as the Newton of female psychology
Come come on now, Mystery was great and was a Newton of PUA, but psychology was long existing, many psychologists who pioneered the science are rolling in their grave now