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    Default Girl is trying to setup the frame of me being the chaser.

    So i've been hanging out with this chick for about a week now. And i'm not quite sure on what the best way to proceed would be.

    She slept over at my house a few nights ago, in my bed. But me not having much experience with LMR I could get the f close. She said she wasn't keen for sex but she slept over the whole night anyway, and said another time she would.

    Anyway i've been hanging out and texting her since and she is trying to setup the frame that I am the guy chasing her, that I want her more than she wants me. I know this isn't necessarily the case because she did spend the whole night in my bed and generally comes to hang out when I ask her, and responds really quickly to all my texts.

    Sometimes I give back a total AFC response which shows a lot of interest and she takes advantage of it. What is the best way to re-frame the relationship so I am the dominant male.?

    As an example I tried texting her tonight saying that I had a sex dream about her last night. And she responded with "Haha you woulda loved it", so I said that it wouldn't be so bad if it came true and she sort of misinterpreted what i meant here and said "haha thats if it comes true.." So i tried teasing her saying "you wish mate" but she responded with "nooo... actually you wish".

    So she is trying to dominate the conversation and make it seem like I am chasing her.
    So what would the best way to combat this be?
    And in situations where girls misinterpret my texts, and the outcome is detrimental to my control over the conversation, should I correct her or ignore it?

    Anyway I know that this has been a long post but any help is much appreciated.


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    Default Re: Girl is trying to setup the frame of me being the chaser.

    Well mate maintaining alpha status can be difficult if you have had to learn it as opposed to being a natural when your first starting in the game.

    The best way in this situation IMO to change the frame, freeze her out for a couple of days. She is getting to comfortable with you and you replying with AFC responses is just making her push you that much closer to the friendzone. Women are strange, some of them will sleep over in your bed but never have any sexual desire to you. You inevitably became their "Gay" best friend. When I have been to this point or begin to near it I always have performed a freeze out and it worked well.

    If she is throwing a neg your way such as the "if it happens", you need to meditate on it an comeback with a witty reply or just change the topic all together. I have found the topic change to work well. Then she will forget her cockyness and youll be back in charge.

    Just a couple ideas, hopefully this one works out in your favor.


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